How to set Password for new Portal / Community User manually in Salesforce? Consulting firms who provide full-time support to their Customers, usually get asked to set up new Community / Portal User.

Admin, usually creates new Portal / Community users which generates temporary Password and Send it along with a welcome email to User. However sometime Admin is asked to set specific password for new User so that they can draft a process of on-boarding new member and send it over to new user.

After lots of search over the internet we couldn’t find a way to do it. Then our associate team did Trial and Error, which turned out to be worth giving it try.

In this article, we’re trying to share a way to “Set a Password manually for new Salesforce Community / Portal User’

Create new Community User / Portal User

  • Go to Contact record and click on option “Enable Customer User” under button “Manage External User”


  • While creating new user, uncheck “Generate new password and notify user immediately”.


  • Once the user is created, go to the Contact record associated with new user and login to the Portal / Community through Contact Record.


  • Once logged in to Community / Portal, Find option to “Change Password”.
    • in this post, we’re demoing Community. In Community, go to “My Settings” -> In the pop-up, click on “Security Settings’ option. (Screenshots below).




In Change Password screen, it asks for Current Password to change the password. Since this user is new and doesn’t have any password set by user or system (Temporary), Admin can enter any random password. e.g. something

Now in the “New Password’ box enter the password you want to set for new User. E.g. test@1234. Enter the same password in “Verify New Password”, Click on Save.

Now admin can send Customer, Employee or Partner User the details along with login information. It could login steps and what to do after that.

This is our First Post. Please respond in the comment with Feedback or send us the query anything w.r.t. Salesforce.



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