How to Mass Deactivate / Activate workflows

How to Mass Deactivate / Activate workflows?

We have found multiple posts over Salesforce Developer Board and multiple Ideas submitted to Salesforce to allow users to Mass-Deactivate Workflows.

Though this feature is not available as Out of the box in Salesforce. Horicent Research team found a workaround to do “Mass – Deactivation of all workflows”.

Bookmark bar should be enabled.


Mass – Deactivation of Workflows

  1. Right Click on the Bookmark bar and click on “Add Page”


  1. Enter suitable Bookmark name to identify the operation. e.g. Deactivate All Workflows, and copy below code in the URL part.


  1. Copy following code into your Bookmark bar URL:


Mass – Activation of Workflows

Steps 1 and 2 are same as “Mass Deactivation of Workflows” steps.

  1. Copy following code in Bookmark URL:


Create View for Workflow

Create view of Workflows which needs to deactivated / activated and Click on “Deactivate All Workflows” link on Bookmark to Deactivate all workflows or click on “Activate All Workflows” link to Activate all workflows appearing on screen.

This approach doesn’t notify users on screen, once the operation is finished. So users would have to refresh the page to check the outcome.


Supports Picklist Values

Same code can be used to Deactivate/Activate Picklist values in Salesforce. In order to do that, Users need to go to any Picklist field and client on respective Bookmark Link (Deactivate / Activate). e.g. Account Source field under Account object:



Since above code deactivate/activate all workflows visible on the screen, it’s always advisable to create Views of the specific Workflows which you want to deactivate/activate.

Note: We have tried this on Chrome. So please use the same.


Happy Salesforce!!



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