Secure File Exporter



Horicent has dedicated team working on useful utilities in different platform, which can work in line with Salesforce to support feature which is not available out of the box. Since these tools are not published publicly, we help Salesforce Clients to use it as Service Subscription. doesn’t support any way to download all the files / attachments from Salesforce instance out of the box. We have explored many options and feature across the communities and guides available, but couldn’t find any tool which helps downloading Attachments from the system in the same file format and information of its Parent records.


Many users across the communities have suggested to use, which lets user to download the attachment in the format it has been stored. Though supports this feature up to some extent. It has many limitations:


  • When multiple attachments are being downloaded and more than one file has the same name, it overrides the files.
  • If multiple file names are same, users have no way to identify which files belong to which record.
  • Users may download only 1000 files at a time, and system doesn’t specify how much time is it going to take.
  • Users have limitations of exporting 10,000 files or records / month.
  • loaders offers very limited filters in parent record’s fields for downloading files. e.g. it doesn’t give option to download files which belongs to specific Record Type.
  • Supports only file size of up to 3 MB.


Horicent File Exporter


To overcome limitations of other data-loader tools, Horicent team has developed a utility to download Files from Salesforce securely and in the format, it is stored.


Our file exporter not only help clients downloading the Attachments physically, but also offers different ways to segregate the files and information of associated records.


  • File Exporter stores each file with unique name. Clients can decide the naming convention of the file.
  • No limit of file size to be downloaded.
  • While other tools offer only 1000 records to download at a time. Our File Exporter has no such limitations. We have helped our clients to download up to 48,000 files.
  • Allows any sort of filters to download specific files per Clients need.
  • Yearly Subscription for dedicated service.
  • Along with Attachment, File Exporter also supports Salesforce Files to download and help archiving old data.
  • Allow users to convert Attachment to Salesforce Files and associated with respective parent records.



Comparison Chart


Feature Secure File Exporter

File Size

Up to 3 MB

No Limit

Support File Segregation



Monthly Record limits

10000 No Limit

Supports Salesforce Files



Attachment to Salesforce File Conversion No


Filter on Parent Records Limited

No Limit

Per transaction limit 1000 files

No Limit


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